Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Letter

Belén joins me in the main house while I continue to put away Christmas decorations.
Belén makes herself comfortable on one of the benches by the windows.

(humming and vaccumming in the background)

"I see another letter came in the post for you today. Is it from Will?"
"¿Perdoname? Lo siento Leonor."
"Oops! No, pardon me Belén. I was just asking if this letter was from Will as well."

"Sí...eh, umm..I like when William takes the time to write to me."
"Don't you talk online every day?"
"Oh yes. But,...it is not the same. When he writes, he takes the time to really think about what he wants to say to me. It is more intimate...eh,...more romantic. No?"
"Hmmm....I guess so. I know I love it when my hubby writes to me. He used to write me poetry. I'll have to dig them out for you. They're wonderful."
"A poet? Your husband? No me digas...hmmmm...I like that. I like that a very much."
(laughing in the background) "Yes, I guess I do too."

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