Thursday, September 24, 2009


Shhhhh..Belén is still sleeping. I decided not to wake her. We were up late again last night. So, I decided to take a photo of her new socks and pajama shorts we finished last night. And, yes, we were able to put a snap on her top too. Check out her socks....aren't they cute? Her feet are a little big, but we made do. Her shorts, on the other hand took a bit more work. She has such wide hips! Uh-oh...

"Que haces? Did I hear a clicking noise from that camera?"

"Aye! "(murmuring to herself)
"Sorry...lo siento Belén...Belén?"

(whispering) "oh good..maybe she'll think it was a dream... We better go now."

"Sweet dreams Belén." (sound of door closing)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buenos Días

Knock, knock. "Good morning, Belén. Rise and shine!" (humming to myself)

"Belén? Are you awake?"


"A que hora es?"
"It's 8:30. The children are up, dressed and off to school. It's time you were up."

"Sorry we were up so late last night, Belén. I really wanted to get you a proper pajama top."

"No te preocupes. No soy una persona de la mañana. (murmuring...) Yo necesito café."
"Did you say something?"

(clearing her throat) "Is this going to become a habit? ...las fotos...
toma de fotografías antes de que me despierto?"
"Only when we've got something to share with others. We've got lots to make!"

(I laugh)

"Relax, Belén. You're gorgeous!"
(leaving the room) "Get up! We've got lots to do today."

"Botones! eh,... I hope it includes putting buttons on my top!" (smiling to herself)


"Are you ready Belén?"
"Sí, estoy lista."

"Es tan bonito aquí."
"Thank you. We like it too."

"Creo que me va a gustar aquí. I'm going to like it a lot."
"I'm so thrilled!"

She's Here!

"Here you are Belén. I'm sorry I don't have any real clothing for you yet."
"No te preocupes. Gracias. Me gusta este color."

"I'm so excited that you are finally do you like the chair?"

"Esta silla es muy cómoda. Me gusta cuero."


Finding oneself

"Aleta,....what's wrong?"
"Estoy triste...muy triste"

"What has you so sad?"
"Mi pelo...mi pelo es muy corto. Me parece un niño. No me gusta. Por favor, you quiero un otro."
"Well... have you tried to comb it?"
"Let me see the brush. Please?"

"There..what do you think? I think you're adorable."

"Oh yes!"
"Gracias. Me siento mucho mejor ahorita."

"Wonderful. Shall we go find Carmela?"
"Sí, es una buena idea. Nos Vamos."