Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buenos Días

Knock, knock. "Good morning, Belén. Rise and shine!" (humming to myself)

"Belén? Are you awake?"


"A que hora es?"
"It's 8:30. The children are up, dressed and off to school. It's time you were up."

"Sorry we were up so late last night, Belén. I really wanted to get you a proper pajama top."

"No te preocupes. No soy una persona de la mañana. (murmuring...) Yo necesito café."
"Did you say something?"

(clearing her throat) "Is this going to become a habit? ...las fotos...
toma de fotografías antes de que me despierto?"
"Only when we've got something to share with others. We've got lots to make!"

(I laugh)

"Relax, Belén. You're gorgeous!"
(leaving the room) "Get up! We've got lots to do today."

"Botones! eh,... I hope it includes putting buttons on my top!" (smiling to herself)

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