Friday, August 6, 2010

Soothing the Soul

It is late in the evening and we find Aleta in the kitchen stalling. She has been having difficulty sleeping. Her stepmother, Marisol has traveled away with Lord MacBirney to help relatives who have come down with a sudden sickness. It has been nearly a month with no word from either of them and Aleta is worried.

Aleta is deep in thought as she sits watching the dogs, Carmela and Schepp.

The dogs always make Aleta feel warm and safe.

Constance: " are going to catch cold sitting on the floor. Please. Come. It is time for bed."
Constace is the grand daughter of Lord MacBirney's maid, Mrs. Kinney.
Mrs. Kinney left to go help one of her other grand daughters with the arrival of another great grandchild.

Constance: "You know...if Nanie Kinney were here. You would already be in bed."
Aleta: "But, the trouble is she is not...nor is Lord MacBirney or my mother. I feel better when I'm with you."

Constance: " Well then. Let's have some tea. It seems to help us both. Then, we're off to bed. We can't have Nanie or your mother returning home thinking I cannot handle the responsibility."
Aleta: "oh yes! I can't wait to tell them how I helped you in the kitchen and the barn..and.."
Constance: "ok...okay...stop stalling. We're off."

Unbeknownst to the Constance and Aleta, the Lord of the Castle has returned...alone.
Adémar: "Father, please lift this burden from me..." (he continues to whisper ever so softly)