Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An Old Friend

Tómas thinks he has successfully gotten rid of Adémar's servant. He doesn't wish to be shaved this morning. Ignoring the servant's persistant arguments and disapproving grunts he begins to dress for the morning.

Suddenly he hears the door bump open and close. Anticipating the return of Samuel, Tómas grumbles out "Aye Dios mío dáme paciencia! Samuel, I will not change my mind about this mornings rituals. I do not need to be shaved. A late morning shadow is part of a Spaniard's right..."

He turns around only to find that it is not Samuel at the door. Instead he looks into the face a very startled young woman who appears to be hiding something behind her back.

"Bueno. You are not Samuel." The young woman looks around the room. Then jus as quickly exits with the partially hidden object squirming in her arms."

Minutes later, Tómas joins Adémar in the library.
"Ah, I was beginning to think you had died in the night. Since when do you sleep past the crow of the rooster?"

Still recalling the unexpected visitor to his room, Tómas greets his friend with a hearty laugh. "Buenos días hermano. I could not resist taking my time appreciating the unexpected beauty of my surroundings this morning. That is once I finally got through to your man Samuel. You need to teach him that not all men want the face of a babe such as you."

"Ah, Sam. Yes, I think he heard we have a true gentleman in the castle. Someone who could truly appreciate and welcome his grooming skills and expertise. He knows better than to try and change my image."

Just then they hear a tap-tap on the door to the library. Moments later Tómas finds himself again face to face with the young woman who bolted into his room earlier. She looks much more at ease. She no longer carries the wiggling object she was attempting to behind her back.
"Perfect timing as always. Tómas, may I present my sister, Margaret Ann MacBirney".
"Ahh...encantada. It is my pleasure...again...milady Margarite" replies Tómas.