Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Unexpected

Margarite spent the day riding. She knew she should have gone back to the castle to help with Eva, but she felt so restless of late.

"You understand me don't you girl. Well, I guess there's no more hiding today." Fiona whinnied and stepped back. She wanted Margarite to know they weren't alone.

"Adémar said I might find you out this way." Tomás said as he drew his horse closer.

"Oh? Were you looking for me?" inquired Margarite trying to be polite.

"Actually, no. I came as a favor to your brother." Tomás said.

Margarite was speechless. That's not what she meant. She felt her face grow warm under his gaze.

" course. That's what I meant." she stammered and quickly looked away.

"Claro que sí! Yes, of course." Tomás quickly added. "Had I known you were going to escape for the afternoon, I would have made haste to make myself available. There is so much to see and enjoy."

"Yes, well. It's time I should be back." Margarite avoided looking at him as she mounted Fiona.

"Por supuesto" Tomás said with a smile. "As I mentioned. That was my mission. Claro, I was hoping you'd be kicking and screaming so that I could have a tale to share with your brother."

Was he making fun of her? She wasn't quite sure how to react to his statement. He had been to the castle to see Adémar several times over the winter. She was surprised when he showed up again a few days back.

"I'm sure you'll think of something. After all, you seem to be the one with the imagination." she replied over her shoulder as she guided Fiona forward.

Was he really trying to be a friend? Margarite wasn't so sure. It isn't far fetched to think Adémar had set him up to be her guard dog. Her brother could be so protective. It drove her crazy.

Tomás was very different from the other men she'd met. He made her feel...well feel! And that was as far as she would let that thought develop. The man could be infuriating!

"I'll accompany you nevertheless." Tomás grinned.

"Do as you wish. I do not need an escort." replied Margarite briskly.

Tomás let out a low chuckle. She had spirit and he liked that. He liked that very much.

"You do realize your brother is none too pleased with you. Have you thought about how you'll explain your absence today to him?" Tomás asked. "Whatever do you mean? Adémar does not need to know my every action. It will not be difficult to make him understand my reasons." replied Margarite. Why did he make her feel as though she had to defend herself?

"Ah sí sí sí. Of course you are not afraid to stand up to him and be bold. You are afterall a grown woman who knows how to make her thoughts known. This should be far easier than say... getting a puppy into the castle." replied Tomás.

Margarite couldn't believe her ears. So, he had seen what she'd been hiding behind her back that day. Why hadn't he said anything earlier?

Margarite knew she hadn't heard the last on this. A small smile played on her lips. This could be an interesting summer after all.