Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wigs Glorious Wigs

Och! My aching hand! I spent the last week trying out several wig patterns. I purchased several pieces of mohair over the past year and have been intending to try my hand at wig making. Well, the day finally arrived. I learned lots and had lots of fun. I also discovered which pattern I like the most. Can you tell?

size 5/6 wig, 3 piece pattern

Hard-cap wig for PukiFee head only. This is fun to do, but the wig is limited to a particular doll head.

size 5/6 wig, 5 piece pattern from Flim Flam ( I believe). Love this pattern. Great fit for 5/6 heads.

size 5/6 wig, 3 piece pattern. Loved the curls on this one.

Hard cap wig for LUTS Kid Delf head. I love how soft this mohair is.

size 7/8 wig, 3 piece pattern. The black mohair is super shiny and was fun to play with various looks.

Same wig as on the LUTS Kid Delf. Looks great on Hazy Elfdoll (7/8) head as well.

size 4/5 wig, 5 piece pattern.

Another 4/5 wig, 5 piece pattern. This one has more curls.

4/5 wig, modified 3 piece pattern. Awesome mohair. The softest of all the mohair I purchased.

4/5 wig, 5 piece pattern. I really enjoyed all the looks I received when I went from the 3 piece to the 5 piece patterns. Even the hard cap wigs gave a new look. I had a blast, but need to give my sewing hand a break. All of these were sewn by hand.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Gabriella finds the morning room quite peaceful this afternon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is it Possible to Look so Good?

Gabriella (Fairyland Chicline Ino) has arrived. We spent the morning, trying out different looks. Wow, this gal is gorgeous! She has a custom faceup by artist, Lyn Raftis.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Marisol (Supia Rosy) arrived today. We had fun looking for her look.
What do you do when they all look fabulous?

Castle - Kitchen

From what Lina has read and seen on the tele, castle kitchens didn't just cook food.

Lina: " ye mind?"

Castle - Morning Room

Lina's dreams are quite vivid. Once she even dreamed she was sitting in the Morning Room awaiting her tea.

The Castle - Kirk

Lina has been watching BBC's Robin Hood. Her dreams have her playing the part of Maid Marion.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Visitors (Part 1)

Belén's little sister Carolina (she likes to be called Leena for short), comes to visit for the summer.

Lina: "She's there again."
Belén: "Sí, hermanita. She means no harm. Fotos para Papí ¿No? You'll get used to it."

Leonor: "Look this way...say cheese."

(a little tickling)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I quietly enter the room and hear Will and Belén speaking softly to one another. I suppose I should have left them alone, but they look so cute together.

Belén: "Hmm? What?! No...."
Will: "Yup, she's over there."

Belén: "Um...Leonor...que haces?"
Leonor: "Me? Oh, well...I was see...the lighting is really soft right now and the two of you...oh dear"

Belén: "We what? Are you taking photos of us?"
Leonor: "Oh please, Belén. Would you and will pose for just one shot?"
(Belén begins to speak a little more loudly and quickly in spanish. I don't think she's directing her speech to Will, but he does seem to be able to calm her down.)
Belén: "Bueno...una mas."
Leonor: "Thank you thank you! Just sit right there."

Leonor: "Perfecto. Now, if you'll just...uh-oh"

Belén gives me that look. Not good. I better scoot!