Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden Stroll

Margarite finally has some time to herself. She sits out in the garden.

She has much on her mind. Tomás has returned with his cousin Marisol and her daughter Aleta.
Eva, Margarite's small niece, is thrilled to have her playmate again.
Margarite is happy to spend more time with Marisol, but finds her feelings toward Tomás unsettling.

"Ah...Aleta thought I'd find you out here." Tomás says as he walks toward Margarite.
"Hello Tomás. Ademár said you'd arrived late last night."
"Yes. I'm sorry for our ill timing. Ademár said you had retired early. Are you well?"
"Me? Y-yes. I was tired is all. Eva and I had a full day of riding about and enjoying the spring growth around the castle. I guess I over did it a bit."

"Well...I'm glad to hear you are fairing well. You look as lovely as I remember."

"Thank you Tomás."

"May I join you or would you rather be alone?"
" mean..please do." Margarite felt her face begin to redden. Why does she react like this to him?

"It is lovely out here.", Tomás replies as he sits beside Margarite. He begins to fidget.

"How about we take a stroll?
I'm feeling a little Perhaps a stroll would help."

Margarite can't help but smile at this revelation.

"What? What has caused that beautiful smile to appear? Is it thoughts of me?"
This causes Margarite to laugh out loud. "Yes and no. Stop fishing Tomás. I was only smiling at the thought of you being anxious. You always seem in control of any situation."

"La realidad es muy diferente Margarita. Cuando miro sus ojos y sus labios..."
"Why do you do that? You know I only know a little spanish."

"I think you understand me perfectly."

"I guess I'm a fast learner."
Her soft reply makes Tomás smile.

"Shall we continue on? Aleta was very excited to see that Eva remembered her from Christmastime."
Did he just feel that? Was she the only one who had weak knees? How can he switch to talking about his cousin?

"Margarita? Is something wrong? You are very quiet."

"It's nothing. I enjoy seeing Aleta with Eva. They are becoming fast friends and I am going to enjoy having more time with Marisol."

"Is that all you look forward to this spring? I remember last spring..." Margarite finds herself under Tomás's spell yet again.
"I...I think I need to sit Tomás."

"Is this better?" Tomás whispers softly.
"No...y-yes. Yes. Thank you." Now Margarite finds herself fidgeting.

Tomás suddenly blurts out "I have asked Ademár's permission to court you."

"There. I said it. Well?"

"How can someone so uncomfortable with his feelings?" Margarite doesn't know what else to say to Tomás. He's been skirting around making her guess his feelings for her for a year now and then drops this in her lap.

"Do you not return my feelings Margarita?"

"Tomás. You....I..." she begins to stammer.
"Then I was right. You do care for me." Tomás grins.

"Eres maravillosa Amor."

"Tomás!" Ademár shouts out into the garden.
"Ay! Does your brother do that on purpose?!" Tomás mumbles under his breath.

"Ademár! We are over here!" Tomás is clearly frustrated.

"I am sorry Amor." Tomás looks at her with eyes so deep and dark with emotion.
"Don't be Tomás. And...yes." Margarite replies softly.
"Yes?" Tomás looks at her puzzled.
"My brother does do that on purpose. If you let him." she smiles.

Tomás says something else in spanish. Margarite doesn't need this translated either.
She tries to hide her laughter.

"Margarita. I will not make you regret spending time with me this spring. I look forward to this evening."

"You are the reason I am here Amor. I will make sure Ademár knows where my priorities lay."
Tomás kisses the back of her hand and walks away.

He wants to court me?! She clasps her hands to her heart and remembers the scripture she read this morning. God is good.
"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Enjoying a Spring Day

Diana is gently nudged. "Hmmm?"

"Did you feel ignored?" (soft laughter)
"I'm sorry. I was just enjoying the sounds around us.
Isn't it a glorious day the Lord has made?"

"We've been gone most of the day. I suppose we'd better head back."

"Until next time..."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Grand New Day

(This morning I found a surprise. Belén was awake and up!)

Good morning Belén. Belén?

"¿Mande? Sorry Leonor...what did you say?"
"oh nothing. I was just wishing you a good morning. What has you up so early? It's before 9 o'clock."
"Very funny."
"So my children tell me. Seriously. What'cha doing?"

"ehh...thinking. Will sounded funny last night when we spoke."
"Funny how?"
"Like he wanted to tell me something. sé."
"So, I see you like your robe. But, don't you think you should get ready for the day?"

"No. Yo tengo esta manta."

"See...estoy cómodo."
"So you are. I was thinking of doing my devotion. Do you mind some soft music?"
"No, no..I think I will join you too. What are we reading?"
"Ruth 1-4. I love this story."
"I'll go get my bible."

"Oh, I see you are all ready."

"Sí. You read first then discuss?"
"Sometimes. Sometimes it takes a few hours or a day for the message to sink in."
"¡No, me digas!"
"Ha! You're fun the morning. I just need to wait for you to wake up Belén."

"Let's see what wisdom Ruth has for us this morning."
(laughter from both)
"Ok. Ok. I'm going to go make myself comfy too."

Think Alike

(Early Monday morning....Belén is sleeping peacefully. I busy myself with morning rituals trying to keep the children quiet.)

(An hour and half later.....)

Hmmm...still sleeping?
"¡Buenos dias Belén!"

(mumbling in Spanish)

"Por favor, Leonor.  ¿Despiertas a su esposo como esta manera cada día?"
(soft chuckle) "Actually.....this is how he wakes me."

" win."

"Sorry we were up so late last night Belén. Our sewing session got a little off schedule when we paused to watch the US/Canada Olypmic Hockey game.  Wasn't that so exciting? Wow!"
(still stretching) "Oh sí sí sí."
"I'm glad you found something to keep you warm last night."
"Sí, Yo estaba muy cómodo anoche."

"Perhaps we have enough material to make a robe out of that scrap?"
"That would be"
"Well...what are we waiting for?"