Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Think Alike

(Early Monday morning....Belén is sleeping peacefully. I busy myself with morning rituals trying to keep the children quiet.)

(An hour and half later.....)

Hmmm...still sleeping?
"¡Buenos dias Belén!"

(mumbling in Spanish)

"Por favor, Leonor.  ¿Despiertas a su esposo como esta manera cada día?"
(soft chuckle) "Actually.....this is how he wakes me."

" win."

"Sorry we were up so late last night Belén. Our sewing session got a little off schedule when we paused to watch the US/Canada Olypmic Hockey game.  Wasn't that so exciting? Wow!"
(still stretching) "Oh sí sí sí."
"I'm glad you found something to keep you warm last night."
"Sí, Yo estaba muy cómodo anoche."

"Perhaps we have enough material to make a robe out of that scrap?"
"That would be"
"Well...what are we waiting for?"

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