Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Grand New Day

(This morning I found a surprise. Belén was awake and up!)

Good morning Belén. Belén?

"¿Mande? Sorry Leonor...what did you say?"
"oh nothing. I was just wishing you a good morning. What has you up so early? It's before 9 o'clock."
"Very funny."
"So my children tell me. Seriously. What'cha doing?"

"ehh...thinking. Will sounded funny last night when we spoke."
"Funny how?"
"Like he wanted to tell me something. sé."
"So, I see you like your robe. But, don't you think you should get ready for the day?"

"No. Yo tengo esta manta."

"See...estoy cómodo."
"So you are. I was thinking of doing my devotion. Do you mind some soft music?"
"No, no..I think I will join you too. What are we reading?"
"Ruth 1-4. I love this story."
"I'll go get my bible."

"Oh, I see you are all ready."

"Sí. You read first then discuss?"
"Sometimes. Sometimes it takes a few hours or a day for the message to sink in."
"¡No, me digas!"
"Ha! You're fun the morning. I just need to wait for you to wake up Belén."

"Let's see what wisdom Ruth has for us this morning."
(laughter from both)
"Ok. Ok. I'm going to go make myself comfy too."


Aslans said...

Your Belen is the most exquisite doll that I've ever seen! Just beautiful!!!
Laurie Lenz

TiaNor said...

Thank Laurie. A truly wonderful compliment coming from you. I always enjoy seeing your creations. Belén's faceup is by Forever_Virginia. She has her own website with her work.