Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Constance: "Good morning Sweet Pea. Look who's home."

Constance: "Come here Little Bit."

Constance: " I believe someone is ready to see her father."

Adémar: "My Bonnie Bea. Look how you've grown."

Constance: "I need to go see to Eva, Adémar. She'll be so excited to see you."

Adémar: "You've grown so much my Bonnie Bea. I'm almost afraid to see how much Eva and Aleta have changed since I've been away."

A little while later that morning, Adémar found Constance and Eva. There were lots of hugs and giggles. Adémar sets off to see Aleta.

Aleta is feeling a little low today. In fact, she hasn't been feeling very well for most of the time Adémar has been away. She knows that she cannot worry every time Adémar leaves, but she can't seem to stop her downward spiral. She sits quietly in her room sharing her worries with Schepp and Carmela, her puppies. She finds it easier to pray to God when they are near her and can offer her comfort. She hears a soft knock on her door.

Aleta: "Enter. I'm awake and dressed."

Aleta:"Adémar! You're home! You're home!"

Adémar: "Aye my sweet lass. I'm home."

Aleta:"Please don't go away again. I don't think I can take it."

Adémar: "Aleta. Come here. Are you alright?"

Aleta:" I just don't want to lose you."
Adémar: "Shhhh...I'm here. I'm here. God willing...I will always return to my you."

Adémar: "Together we will heal.  Together we will learn to trust again and live. We must put our hope in the Lord, Aleta. He alone will carry us through. He is showing me the plans He has for our family each and every new day. We just need to have the courage to see those plans."

Aleta: "I'll try Adémar. I promise. I'll try."
Adémar: "It's good to be home my sweet lass. We have so much to be thankful for this day."

Life Goes On

Since last we visited Castle MacBirney, Adémar returned home with a heavy heart. His first love, Marisol came down with a deathly sickness while she and Adémar attended relatives, who also contracted this same illness. Adémar had to break the news to Aleta (Marisol's step-daughter).

It has been nearly 2 years now since that dreadful summer. Adémar has started a new chapter of his life. He has taken in Aleta as his daughter. Aleta has always enjoyed being with Adémar and his young daughter Eva. Adémar also married Mrs. Kinney's grand-daughter, Constance. Together, Adémar and Constance have welcomed yet another daughter, Beatrice to their family.

Let's take a peek one last time in to the happenings of Castle MacBirney.

We immediately find Adémar in his study.
He has returned home from another long journey. The castle is very quite. The sun has not yet risen above the horizon.

Adémar has missed his family.

It seems like only yesterday, he was alone and didn't dare hope to love again. But, God, in his infinite grace, has shown him that life goes on.

His thoughts are pleasantly interrupted. He feels her presence even before she can speak.

Adémar: "Constance."

Constance: "I thought I must be dreaming."

Constance: "If I am dreaming...please don't wake me. I've missed you so."

Adémar: "And My sweet Connie girl."

Constance: "You're home for good now? Everything went well with your uncle?"
Adémar: "Aye. As well as could be expected. But, there'll be more time to discuss my uncle later. Right now, I just want to hold my bonnie lass."

(but this moment isn't meant to last...yet. A wee sound is heard.)

Constance: "I believe someone else knows you are home."
Adémar emits a soft grown.

Adémar: "Aye. I have house full of bonnie lasses. It is good to be home. Take me to her."

Adémar: "Connie girl...please tell me Bea still takes those long naps in the mid morning."

Constance: "Well...perhaps Nanie can be convinced to help us out. Just this once."

Adémar: "I love you Connie girl."
Constance: "And I love you. Come. Bea's calling."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Little Cooperation?

Ellie is helping me model some clothing today for our Etsy shop. I still can't decide on a good photo location. Should it be indoors or outdoors? While I get ready, Ellie waits patiently.

Me: "Let me just take a quick shot of you out here Ellie."
Ellie: "Ok. Sure. Should I pose or anything?"
Me: "'s just a test shot." (click of the camera)
Me: "hmm...I can't see the image very well. Wait here. I'll be back. I have to check this shot inside."
Ellie: "Ok." (sigh)

Ellie: "Why hello there. Come here. I'm not gonna hurt you."

Ellie: "There. That's it. What's your name?"

Ellie: "You're so gentle."

Ellie: "I think we're gonna be good friends."

(A little while later, Leonor comes back outside.)

Me: "Ellie I'm so sorry that took me so long...What's this?"
(Ellie and her new friend come trotting back toward the house.)

Ellie: "Oh, hello Leonor. Isn't he a beauty?"
Me: "uh..well..yes. Yes he is. How? When?"
(Ellie giggles. It's not too often she is able to befuddle Leonor)

Ellie: "We'll be back."
Me: "What? Wait!"

Me: "What about our photo shoot?"
Ellie: "I just need to check something out. I'll be right back." (giggling)
Me: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Friday, August 6, 2010

Soothing the Soul

It is late in the evening and we find Aleta in the kitchen stalling. She has been having difficulty sleeping. Her stepmother, Marisol has traveled away with Lord MacBirney to help relatives who have come down with a sudden sickness. It has been nearly a month with no word from either of them and Aleta is worried.

Aleta is deep in thought as she sits watching the dogs, Carmela and Schepp.

The dogs always make Aleta feel warm and safe.

Constance: " are going to catch cold sitting on the floor. Please. Come. It is time for bed."
Constace is the grand daughter of Lord MacBirney's maid, Mrs. Kinney.
Mrs. Kinney left to go help one of her other grand daughters with the arrival of another great grandchild.

Constance: "You know...if Nanie Kinney were here. You would already be in bed."
Aleta: "But, the trouble is she is not...nor is Lord MacBirney or my mother. I feel better when I'm with you."

Constance: " Well then. Let's have some tea. It seems to help us both. Then, we're off to bed. We can't have Nanie or your mother returning home thinking I cannot handle the responsibility."
Aleta: "oh yes! I can't wait to tell them how I helped you in the kitchen and the barn..and.."
Constance: "ok...okay...stop stalling. We're off."

Unbeknownst to the Constance and Aleta, the Lord of the Castle has returned...alone.
Adémar: "Father, please lift this burden from me..." (he continues to whisper ever so softly)