Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life Goes On

Since last we visited Castle MacBirney, Adémar returned home with a heavy heart. His first love, Marisol came down with a deathly sickness while she and Adémar attended relatives, who also contracted this same illness. Adémar had to break the news to Aleta (Marisol's step-daughter).

It has been nearly 2 years now since that dreadful summer. Adémar has started a new chapter of his life. He has taken in Aleta as his daughter. Aleta has always enjoyed being with Adémar and his young daughter Eva. Adémar also married Mrs. Kinney's grand-daughter, Constance. Together, Adémar and Constance have welcomed yet another daughter, Beatrice to their family.

Let's take a peek one last time in to the happenings of Castle MacBirney.

We immediately find Adémar in his study.
He has returned home from another long journey. The castle is very quite. The sun has not yet risen above the horizon.

Adémar has missed his family.

It seems like only yesterday, he was alone and didn't dare hope to love again. But, God, in his infinite grace, has shown him that life goes on.

His thoughts are pleasantly interrupted. He feels her presence even before she can speak.

Adémar: "Constance."

Constance: "I thought I must be dreaming."

Constance: "If I am dreaming...please don't wake me. I've missed you so."

Adémar: "And My sweet Connie girl."

Constance: "You're home for good now? Everything went well with your uncle?"
Adémar: "Aye. As well as could be expected. But, there'll be more time to discuss my uncle later. Right now, I just want to hold my bonnie lass."

(but this moment isn't meant to last...yet. A wee sound is heard.)

Constance: "I believe someone else knows you are home."
Adémar emits a soft grown.

Adémar: "Aye. I have house full of bonnie lasses. It is good to be home. Take me to her."

Adémar: "Connie girl...please tell me Bea still takes those long naps in the mid morning."

Constance: "Well...perhaps Nanie can be convinced to help us out. Just this once."

Adémar: "I love you Connie girl."
Constance: "And I love you. Come. Bea's calling."

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