Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I quietly enter the room and hear Will and Belén speaking softly to one another. I suppose I should have left them alone, but they look so cute together.

Belén: "Hmm? What?! No...."
Will: "Yup, she's over there."

Belén: "Um...Leonor...que haces?"
Leonor: "Me? Oh, well...I was just...uh...you see...the lighting is really soft right now and the two of you...oh dear"

Belén: "We what? Are you taking photos of us?"
Leonor: "Oh please, Belén. Would you and will pose for just one shot?"
(Belén begins to speak a little more loudly and quickly in spanish. I don't think she's directing her speech to Will, but he does seem to be able to calm her down.)
Belén: "Bueno...una foto...no mas."
Leonor: "Thank you thank you! Just sit right there."

Leonor: "Perfecto. Now, if you'll just...uh-oh"

Belén gives me that look. Not good. I better scoot!


Vanessa said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the story too.

TiaNor said...

Thanks Vanessa. I was playing around with them trying to capture a perfect shot and ended up with this short story. Glad you liked it.