Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wigs Glorious Wigs

Och! My aching hand! I spent the last week trying out several wig patterns. I purchased several pieces of mohair over the past year and have been intending to try my hand at wig making. Well, the day finally arrived. I learned lots and had lots of fun. I also discovered which pattern I like the most. Can you tell?

size 5/6 wig, 3 piece pattern

Hard-cap wig for PukiFee head only. This is fun to do, but the wig is limited to a particular doll head.

size 5/6 wig, 5 piece pattern from Flim Flam ( I believe). Love this pattern. Great fit for 5/6 heads.

size 5/6 wig, 3 piece pattern. Loved the curls on this one.

Hard cap wig for LUTS Kid Delf head. I love how soft this mohair is.

size 7/8 wig, 3 piece pattern. The black mohair is super shiny and was fun to play with various looks.

Same wig as on the LUTS Kid Delf. Looks great on Hazy Elfdoll (7/8) head as well.

size 4/5 wig, 5 piece pattern.

Another 4/5 wig, 5 piece pattern. This one has more curls.

4/5 wig, modified 3 piece pattern. Awesome mohair. The softest of all the mohair I purchased.

4/5 wig, 5 piece pattern. I really enjoyed all the looks I received when I went from the 3 piece to the 5 piece patterns. Even the hard cap wigs gave a new look. I had a blast, but need to give my sewing hand a break. All of these were sewn by hand.


Anonymous said...

So many lovely creations!
I can certainly see why your hand is sore!

Marlene said...

All of the wigs are fantastic! Where did you find the patterns? The hard cap and the 5 piece both sound very intriguing, and different.

TiaNor said...

Hello. I just keep collecting patterns from various places I discover on the internet. The single piece pattern was found on A is for Artistic website. The 3 piece pattern is posted on Den of Angels forum and the 5 piece pattern is from Flimflam. I think you can just google that name and come upon it fairly easily. Let me know how you do.