Thursday, September 24, 2009


Shhhhh..Belén is still sleeping. I decided not to wake her. We were up late again last night. So, I decided to take a photo of her new socks and pajama shorts we finished last night. And, yes, we were able to put a snap on her top too. Check out her socks....aren't they cute? Her feet are a little big, but we made do. Her shorts, on the other hand took a bit more work. She has such wide hips! Uh-oh...

"Que haces? Did I hear a clicking noise from that camera?"

"Aye! "(murmuring to herself)
"Sorry...lo siento Belén...Belén?"

(whispering) "oh good..maybe she'll think it was a dream... We better go now."

"Sweet dreams Belén." (sound of door closing)

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