Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Gift

Belén and I have been busy creating new patterns and outfits for her. Today, we are going to snap a photo of her new sweater outfit (long skirt and cowl neck sweater). Belén wants to show off her present from her beau, William. She's hoping she'll like the photo well enough to send it to Will for Valentines.

"Oh! Belén you are here!"
"Today we take a photo of my new outfit and Christmas gift yes?"
"Yes, yes, yes. Let me just get set up."

"Do you think he'll like my present?", asks Belén softly.
"Who? Will? Does he have eyes?"

(soft giggles from Belén) "¡Claro Leonor! I just want this photo to be perfect."
"I think he'll love the photo, because you're in it."
"You are too kind Leonor. Be sure to get the necklace. Please."

"Let me see....yes, I can see the necklace perfectly. Stay just like that. Are you ready?"
"Sí, estoy lista."
"Alright then. Sweet thoughts for William."

"So lovely Belén."
"Gracias Leonor."

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