Sunday, December 27, 2009

A McBirney Chrismas Eve

Tomás watches as Margaret walks by. She has been avoiding him ever since he returned a couple of weeks ago with his cousin, Marisol. He is a little disappointed because he felt he and Margaret made a connection early this spring.

"Margarita...con permiso..."
"I'm sorry Tomás. I don't have time now. I need to tend to Eva."

"Aleta is having so much fun caring for her needs. Would you put a stop to their play because you are afraid to talk to me?"
"Afraid? Who's afraid?"
"I have been back for several weeks now. It seems that you are out of the castle or unavailable each time I've asked to see you."
"Then I guess your timing is a wee bit poor."

"The necklace looks wonderful on you Lady Villanueva."
(startled Marisol blushes under Adémar's gaze)
"Muchas gracias Lord McBirney."

"Then you are not angry with me?"
"Angry? Why ever would I be angry with you?"
"For leaving so abruptly. I am sorry I did not have time to say good-bye."
"Don't be so full of yourself Tomás. Adémar informed me that you had a family emergency and had to leave."
"Yes, that is true. But, I would have preferred to tell you myself, Margarita."

"Whoa...I was just coming over to ask you for this next waltz."
"Waltz? Me?"
"Yes, would you do me the honor?"
"But, I was just going to talk to Tomás. Aleta needs to turn in now."

"Aleta doesn't look tired. My daughter is so happy to have so much attention."

"Eva is a beautiful child. I'm grateful for Eva's friendship. It seems to help Aleta smile again. It has been very hard these past months. Her father's care took precedence over all of our needs."

"I am very sorry for your loss mi'lady."

"Gracias", she murmurs quietly. She finds his attention a little discomforting. Her husband, Luis, was more of a father to her. He was almost 50 when they were betrothed. He lost his first wife, Aleta's mother, to childbirth. Marisol's father arranged the marriage soon after. Luis was very good to her, but never requested any wifely duties of her. He was thankful that Marisol cared for his daughter, Aleta as her own. In turn, Marisol loved Luis and Aleta.

"Now. I feel it is my duty to delay you a wee bit."
"My sister, Margaret and Tomás have a little catching up to do."

"I can tell you more if...I could have this one waltz?"

Tomás chuckles quietly, "Now that's the fire I remember."

"I have missed our talks and strolls. But, I see this is going to take more time than I have this eve. I promised Mari I would make it an early night for Aleta."

"Buenas noches, Margarita. Feliz Navidad."

"I look forward to what the new year will bring."

"I see Tomás and Aleta are waiting. Good night mi'Lord. Merry Christmas."
"Merry Christmas mi'lady."

Margaret has disappeared and it is just Adémar and Eva sitting by the fire.

"I like Aleta, Papa."

"Yes, I saw how much you liked playing this evening. I think you are helping to make her happy."

"Eva like happy Papa."
"Yes, poppet I know you like happy."
"Merry Christmas Papa."
"Merry Christmas child."

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