Monday, December 21, 2009

A PREGO Special Christmas

I participated in a gift exchange with my friends on PREGO. Here are the photos and a big THANK YOU to my PREGO partner.

All right everyone, let's have a nice family photo for Inti. Her HUGE box is waiting for us to open and unwrap the goodies! (Thanks for the lovely card Inti!)

Aleta opens our first package.

It is full of hats and a wonderful mini print of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The book is the perfect size for my BJD scale. Thanks Inti!

Eva and her collie, Ela get to open present #2.

A sweet Angel Bear!

I think someone likes it!

Margarite grabs a few more packages.

A loaded basket for a picnic.

2 Disney ornaments (for me!).

Marisol is all ready to open yet a few more packages.

A paper bag full of miniature purses.

Some fun Rement items. Taco/restaurant set and a cosmetic set.

Eva is so excited to open yet another gift.

A snow sled! Yay!

Aleta uncovers a beautiful chair. She's thinking it will be perfect for the Solarium.

Belén is thrilled to have received gifts as well. Thanks for the necklace, pilsner, gift box, telephone and Christmas book. They are perfect.

A full photo of all the goodies. I even unwrapped some gifts. Inti sent a Christmas tree and Barbie bar set.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my doll house to yours!

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