Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sewn wig, hats, poncho and slippers?

Okay. So I tried my hand at sewing a wig cap using a tutorial provided by Antique Lilac ( The size was perfect, but I did cause a little bit of shrinkage when I sewed on the wefts. The key is NOT to PULL when backstitching.  Here's the results. (Same wig, different head Chicline sculpts)

Well, I was so pleased with my crocheting skills that I pulled out my various patterns found online (many for American Girl doll or Barbie) and ended up with a couple of hats and scarves, a set of leggings, a poncho, and slippers! What a blast. Here are some pics of my February endeavors.

You can find the pattern for these darling little slip-ons here. Thanks Wovenflame! (

What's next? Well,  underwear of course! I've already made my first set.

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