Saturday, February 4, 2012

Applied or Sewn...That is the question

This month I'm going to try my hand at creating Applied wigs. These types of wigs start with a custom wig cap for a particular doll. The wefts can be either glued or sewn onto the created wig cap.  I found a couple of instructions both online (forums and tutorials) and in doll books and magazines (like Doll News). I kind of mixed the methods together as I went along for the first trial.

This is the same wig on Chicline dolls. I really liked how this one came out. I did glue on the wefts. The next one I'd like to actually sew on the wefts and see what the differences are.


Since I had the both Toran and Gabriella out...I had to take a few more pics. Enjoy!

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