Monday, May 21, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Gosh! It's almost June and I haven't posted since March. Ack! Where does the time go? Well, I've actually been quite busy on both the doll front and the home front.  In April, I mainly concentrated on trying to organize my patterns (both electronically and paper). This inspired a couple new fashions for my Minifee (slim MSD) dolls. Here's one of them modeled by Emelia (Mnf Woosoo).

Oh! I did make those cute undies I mentioned back in March as well. I'm still trying to perfect the cute little sports bra, but she even makes my first attempt look sweet.

Then we had a couple weeks of awesome weather. This diverted me to faceups. I found a nice photo tutorial on how to open eyes on a sleeping faceplate ( So, my Minifee El sleeping faceplate went off to my modding chair. Here are the results.

I wasn't too keen on the eyebrows of my first faceup, so I tried another color....gray/black (pic below). I added a bit more shadow too. The results were okay I think.

But, I still wasn't happy. So, I removed all the make up and studied the faceplate again. I thought the modded El eyes gave his face more of a Lishe look. I went back to my pastels and pencils and....voilà!  El became...Ellie.

So, you see...I have been busy and having lots of fun along the way. Stop back again. I hope to post again sooner this time.

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