Friday, January 7, 2011

Starting the Year on the Right Foot

Well, Santa was very sweet to me this year. I received a fantastic sewing machine with a personalized letter from Mrs. Santa. In the note, Mrs. S. said that she truly appreciated how much my DH and family loved me enough to make this special request to her elves on my behalf. She encouraged me to keep on creating and loving my family. I will keep this note forever.

I also added 2 Tinies to my collection. I realized that I truly am fasinated by the 1" scale dioramas and goodies to be made. So, please welcome my two little ladies....Hannah and Lilly.

Lilly (on the left) is an Ara Adonis BJD by J'aime. She is a special edition called CryBaby. Her sister is Hannah. She is a PukiFee BJD by Fairyland.

So far, I've made Lilly a little outfit and both received a handmade mohair wig. The wigs came out better than I expected, but still need some tweeking.

I titled this segment of my blog as "Starting the Year on the Right Foot". Well, I meant it literally. I had my left foot operated on this past Thursday (yesterday) and have been hobbling around. DH and family are under strict orders to keep me still and off my feet for 5 whole days! Ugh!

Day 1 of confiment has resulted in a knit lacy scarf for Belén. I'll take a photo next time I escape and post it here. I'm also working on a crochet Ear Flap hat for Will.

Meanwhile, I'm counting down the days and trying not to think about my bottom getting any bigger. DH promises me it's not. (I think I'll keep him! LOL!)

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