Friday, January 21, 2011

A little Obsession?

Well,....maybe a little. 26 pairs of tights. Whew! I just couldn't help myself. I have about 6 shoeboxes filled with recycled clothing. Once I finally had a tights pattern that worked, the fabric started jumping out of the boxes waiting to be next. LOL! So, my gals are shirtless, but they have tights!

For now, I'm thinking about putting them on Etsy to see if anyone is interested in just tights. Meanwhile, I'll see what accessories want to be created next. Muwahhhhahahah!

I may have just a little too much time on my hands, waiting for my foot to heal. Oh well. I finished Season 2 of BBC's Robin Hood and have jumped to Season 1 of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Lots of great costumes to please the eye..not to mention Sully.

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