Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Once Upon a Story...time

 Marisol enters the bed chamber she is sharing with her stepdaughter, Aleta.
(soft humming can be heard)
"Aleta, are you doing all right?"

"Yes, thank you Mari."
(humming continues)

"Mari?" Aleta asks.

"Yes, I'm still here." Mari replies.
"The water is cold. I think I am done. Will you help me dry off?
I'm getting cold."

"How's that?"
"Thank you Mari. I like when you're here to help."

"Where's Eva and Margarite?"
"Margarite is with Eva. It is way past the time for her to turn in for the evening.
You are so wonderful with her Aleta."

Aleta smiles. "She is fun. I like to play with her.
She has gotten so big since we last saw her."

"Yes" Mari agrees.
"She seems to have almost doubled in size."

"So, when do you think Adémar will return with cousin Tomás?" Aleta asks while she continues to dress.

"Margarite expects them early on the morrow."
Marisol helps Aleta with her snaps.

"There. All done." Marisol pauses.
"Aleta, why do persist on using Lord McBirney's christian name?
I've told you before how I feel about that."

"But, he has asked me to address him in this manner.
I've heard him ask you as well."
"True. Just because someone gives you permission to use
his christian name, doesn't mean you should."

"And, how does Lord McBirney address you my dear Aleta?"
"Well....as Lady Aleta. I like when he says my name."
Marisol cannot help but laugh at her sweetness.
"Ok. Off to bed."

"So soon? How about a story?"

"A story?"
"uh-hum. Margarite said I can read any book in Adém...I mean Lord McBirney's library."
"I guess, I could see what I can find."

Downstairs in the library, Marisol browses through the titles.
"Brrr....it is freezing in here. I'm going to need to make a proper shawl for myself
instead of borrowing Aleta's."

Hmmmm...no...definitely not. Ah! Here we go."
(from behind her, she hears a voice."
"I hope you found something to your liking."

"Adémar! I didn't know you were home! I didn't hear you enter."

"So it would seem." he replied as his gaze took in her full image.

"Aleta and I were going to do some light reading before turning in this evening.
Margarite invited us to your books."

"Yes. You are quite welcome. Poetry? This is one of Margarite's favorites."

"Mine as well." She softly replies. Marisol wishes he'd move out of the way.
She thought the room was bigger when she first entered the room.

"Excuse, Mi'Lord. Aleta is waiting."

"Of course." Adémar quietly chuckles.
"I am glad Tomás asked for the two of you to accompany him on this trip.
It is good to see you again."

"Thank you for your kindness and generosity Mi'lord. Good night."
"Goodnight...Mi'Lady" she can still feel his gaze upon her.

With her heart pounding rapidly, Marisol quickly returns to her chamber.
"I thought we'd share some poetry Aleta.  Aleta?"

"She's sleeping. Of course." Marisol shakes her head laughing at herself.

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