Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Good Afternoon

"Hey there Belén. Isn't it great out here?"

"Sí Leonor. It is nice to be outside without a coat."
"Amen to that! Let's get some photos to send to Will."

"How are things going by the way?"

"Estay bien...I guess..."

"What kind of an answer is that Belén? Is everything alright between you two?"


"He broke up with me. He say I'm too far away and he is lonely."
"What!!! Why just let me talk to him..."

"April fool! I got you amiga!"
"That was not nice Belén. Not nice at all. I think you are way too comfortable here."

"I know you  forgive me. Besides...Will wants to meet you."
"Me? Really?"
"Sí. He wants to meet the one who takes photos of me."

"Well then...let's take that photo. Shall we?"

"For Will. Smile!"
"Te amo mi amor"

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Angel said...

Her shirt is gorgeous and so romantic too!