Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Memories

Last Easter, Will and Belén met at a park with some close friends. Belén had already made plans to come to the States.
A friend was snapping candids. "Sonrisa Will y Belén."
"¡Ay caramba! ¡Estoy una idiota con ojos enormes!"

Will trys not to laugh. He attempts to take their own photo.
"Will! Amor...otra vez."

"Mucho mejor amor."

Belén is feeling a little spunky and can't resist the temptation to play.

"Whoa! Belén!" Will shouts out while laughing.

Will whispers something to Belén.
It must be sweet because it causes her to smile at him with great affection.

Another photo is snapped. "Otra vez, por favor. ¡Sonrisa!"
Belén is satisfied with this shot of the two of them.

Will and Belén have some serious things to discuss.

Their friends try not to interrupt.

"¡Oye! ¡Es una fiesta!"
Their friends have waited long enough. It's a party after all.

A few more photos are taken of all the couples. These are the shots given to Belén.
She hopes you enjoy them.

Happy Easter


Angel said...

The female doll in this. What kind is she? I love her face, it has beautiful features.

TiaNor said...

Thank you. She is the Hazy sculpt by Elfdoll. Her faceup is by artist Forever Virginia.