Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slow Morning

Me: "Sofie. Sofie? I think I'm about ready over here."
Sofie: "Hmm? Oh, aye."

Me: "Sofie? We're actually shooting over here in the studio."
Sofie: "Hmm? Oh...but of course. I wuz jus lookin' at all the snow out there."

Sofie: (sighs softly)

Me: "My...that was a good sigh. Anything wrong?"
Sofie: (sighs again) "I guess not."

Me: "I know whatcha need. Sunshine!"
Sofie: "Oh, but that sounds grand. I'm jus so tired lately."

Me: "Yup. It's what happens up here in NY state. No sun equals naptime."
Sofie: (smiles) "Aye, a nap would be lovely right now."
I snapped a few more photos before I let Sofie take a nap.  That reminds me. I've gotta go take my vitamin D! I'm getting sleep too. Enjoy!


Roville said...

She may be a tad sluggish the day, but she be a charmer alright.

Gorgeous girl, Tia. ^_^

Eva said...

Great styling! I love the wig. Heading over to your etsy store to see what's there.

What sort of doll/sculpt is she?