Thursday, January 5, 2012

January is for Pajamas

Since my new gals needed some sleepwear, I decided January would be dedicated to pajamas and accessories. I sifted through several of my binders of patterns and found one from House of Resin/Undead Threads ( I took two Undead Thread patterns for a simple short-sleeved top and pants. My pattern is pretty outdated and had MSD hand-written across the top. It was a start. The result was a cute little top and bottoms made from flannel. Josie (Minifee Luka) looks really cute in it. The top actually fits my Chicline Ino better.

I made a couple of enlargements of the shirt pattern to see if I could get a better fit for Josie. Here is the result. Enlarging it by 20% creates a cute overblouse. I can see making this in a jean material to put over tees.

I took the pattern that was only enlarged 15% and went to work. This time, I created a sleep shirt. It didn't turn out bad, but I do have some tweeking that needs to be made in the front. The full length photo makes the pajama look more awkward than it really does. I'll have to retake the photo, but you get the idea.

I took a peek at the Undead Threads site and see that they have an even better shirt pattern. Back to the drawing sewing machine.

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