Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Busy busy busy

Sofie and I have been very busy modding patterns to fit her curvy figure. We are having a great time making not only dresses, but some fun accessories to go with them. Have a look see.

I saw this really sweet dress for American Girl dolls on Liberty Jane Patterns called Woomera. It is so cute! So, I purchased the pattern and got to work. I recycled a blouse I had and it turned out pretty well. I also found a pattern for some sandals too. Boy did I learn a lot about cutting foam. No two pieces are alike! I made some mental notes and some more mods to my new patterns. The final result is this fun set for Twigling Ingenue BJD.
Next up, is this fun little set. This time I modded a couple patterns for Barbie by Simplicity and Vogue. Fun! Fun! Fun!

I recycled another piece of clothing thanks to my children and even found some fun jewelry to recycle as well. I learned an important lesson about fabric glue too. It doesn't always disappear after it dries. Argh!  I improvised. Sofie says the final results are perfect.
Finally, our current project. We only have the dress and sun hat. Sofie says she needs a shawl and large hobo bag....oh and a pair for white sandals would be awesome. Geesh! We hope you'll stay tuned. You can find these two sets in our shop on Etsy

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