Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well, I've been really really busy. Ellie, short for Eliza, has joined our family of resins. She arrived with underclothes and shoes...that's all. So, we had to correct that. We've been busy making capris, leggings, shorts, dresses and shirts. We even made our very first mohair wig!  Then we had to organize her room and dress it up properly with brightly colored bedding, pillows and rug. Now, it is time to put things away.

"Oh Pearl, there are so many clothes.", Ellie whispers to her favorite teddy bear.

"I just don't know where to begin."

"Dresses, capris, shorts, jackets, shoes,....Where should it all go?"

(knocking at the her bedroom door)
"Come in."
"Hola Ellie. I thought I'd come up and see how you're doing...oh my..."

"My thoughts exactly", Ellie lets out a huge sigh.
"Well, how about I help you get this room organized?"
"Really? You'd stay and help me?"
"Sure! After all,  you wouldn't have this mess if it weren't for me and my sewing machine."

(humming in the background)
"um....thanks. For all the clothes and for the help."

"My pleasure Ellie."

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