Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Belén is all dressed for the day. I found her at the back sliding door looking out. She looks so peaceful.

"Here ya go, Belén. Nice and hot for you. I hope it's not too strong."
"Gracias Leonor. Me gusta la café. No te preocupas."

"Me encanta el otoño."
"oh, me too. There are so many colors out there to enjoy."
"Ay que lindo! Mira el pájaro afuera."
"Yes, we'll see the Cardinals and Blue Jays all through the winter months as well."
(While Belén was enjoying the birds at the feeder, I went and got her chair for her.)

"There you go, Belén. Do you need anything else before I go?"

"No gracias. Estoy muy contenta ahora. Y....Leonor...."
"Gracias por la ropa."
"Oh, well, you are very welcome Belén. Sorry I had you in your underclothes for so long. Thank you for being so patient. I'm having a ball."
(Belén laughs softly.) "Yo también Leonor....yo también."

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